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Small Business

Business Automation System

Digitize your business

We can help you out in automization of departments like Sales and Marketing, Customer Relations and Support, HR & Payroll, Billing & Accounting, Products - Manufacturing or trading, Shipping, Services, Reporting and Analytics, etc. You can automize all or any single department.

GST Billing and Accounting Solution

New Era of Taxation!

Since the launch of GST; it has been difficult for standard accounting software to implement it perfectly. Needs of different business are also varied. So we have come upto a custom GST billing and accounting software that adapts to your needs. We regularly update it with the chanding rules and report formats of Government.

Logistics and Warehouse Management System

Move with peace!

Our Robust Warehouse and Logistic software solutions provides you peace of mind for all your goods storage and transportation tracking needs.

Industries and Production Management System

Manufacture with style!

Manufacture as per your style and skills and not as per standard software options! Yes we customize the manufacturing and production softwares as per your ground level needs!

Custom CRM Development

Customers are King!

Yes they are and our CRM solutions make them feel like a King! Manage Your customers starting from lead to conversions to after sales support easily and effectively through customised CRM solutions. Tailored for the needs of the type of customers you handle. What else do you need!.

HR and Payroll

Backbone of the Organisation

Human Resource Management and Payroll are crucial for any business. Manage them properly and they will manage your entire business properly! Track all the reports easily with HR and Payroll software. And again customize it as per your needs!

we will give life to your idea.

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